What’s a cabana? Cabanas are small tent-like structures designed to offer shade. A cabana usually has 3 curtain screen sides and 1 opening. This makes a cabana an ideal lounging spot, with some privacy entailed. The 3 covered sides set stage for a romantic dinner, a casual escape, or a fun evening hangout for friends.

Many luxury hotels have cabanas tucked next to their glimmering pools or sandy beaches, and a few take the concept of shade and relaxation over to their rooftop counterparts. Or you can up the game with turning your own patio or home garden into a summer sanctuary. Why travel, when you can bring the getaway to your personal outdoor space?

The ultimate summer buy - Our cabana is one of the best loved shade solutions. It can be mounted almost anywhere in the outdoors. No more worrying about your umbrella flying off, not having enough shade, or overheating in an enclosed shelter. 

Boulevard carries the exclusive knocked-down model that can be installed to an array of place. From patios to rooftop terraces, our Cabana can be installed in every possible outdoor space. With full width cushioned benches, you are ready to entertain in style! And yes, the curtains that crawl over the roof give you the privacy you seek in your leisure times whilst being outdoors.

Our Cabana curtains attributes:

  • Solution-dyed fabric
  • Water-resistant
  • UV-resistant
  • Mould / Mildew-resistant

These attributes serve to keep the sun out and provide optimal measure of protection from rain showers or all the water that may be splashing from the pool. Other than the benches and the cushions that comes with the Cabana, you can always choose to customize what you want to have within it. Style it with your favorite upholstery colors and you are poised to impress!