Rattan Box

Dimensions:  W60 x D60 x H46 cm
Weight:  6 kg

Handcrafted rattan cover for NI. Supported by aluminium frames, the box is made with all-weather rattan that elegantly conceals the parasol base* and LED Driver. A must for the highend users.
*Applicable to bases within 50 cm in height.


Round Granite Base With Tube

Weight:  18 to 40 kg
Classic round base made from granite with a metal tube that helps to keep your parasol
firmly in place. Available in different sizes.


Steel Base (Cross)

Dimensions:  L90 x B90 cm
Weight:  Approx 72 kg

With three 18 kg steel crossbars, this new base provides optimal stability that any commercial event would require. The LED Driver and power outlet can also be concealed in the box.


Cable Organiser

Dimensions:  H25 cm
Weight:  0.5 kg

An add-on to coil the 6-meter long cable / extension cable neatly. Exclusively designed for NI Parasol and applicable on all kind of bases.


NI Anchor

Dimensions:  W15 x D15 x H41 cm
Weight:  6.65 kg

An ideal match for NI Parasol. Its oral-shaped design helps to hold the parasol in strong winds and fix the panel. A popular item among architects in unifying the vision for multiple


Aluminum Box

Dimensions:  W19 x D22 x H38 cm
Weight:  6 kg

Easy-to-assemble, you can hide the LED Driver perfectly in simple steps. Can be used along with NI’s original anchor and cable organizer.


Granite Base - Round

Dimensions:  D48 x H9 cm
Weight:  36 kg

A round granite base with 4 bolt-down holes. Must be used along with NI’s original anchor.


Granite Base - Rectangular

Dimensions:  W35 x D50 x H8 cm
Weight:  36 kg

A rectangular granite base with 4 bolt-down holes. Must be used along with NI’s original anchor.


Steel Base

Dimensions:  W50 x D50 x H2 cm
Weight:  39 kg

This main unit must be used along with NI’s original anchor. You may put add-on weights
on top to provide additional stability for the parasol in high wind areas.


Add-on Weight

Dimensions:  W50 x D50 x H1.8 cm

Must be used along with the main unit. Besides adding more stability to your parasol, these add-on weights also help you hide the cables. Only minor assembly required.


LED Driver

AC100 / 264V / 50/60Hz
2.4A Max 200W

Suitable for all NI models, the LED driver comes along with the parasol when purchased.


Professional Custom Cable

Length:  1 m

Manufactured accordingly to standard specifications, our professional cable allows flexible customization based onspecific needs and requirementswhile minimizing safety risks.


Jumper Cable With Battery Clamps

Length:  10 m

By connecting the positive and negative anode with respective colored clamps, the cable is powerful enough to charge a 12V battery. Easy to store, the heavy-duty cable provides
peace of mind with its multiple safety protection.


Extension Cable

Length:  10 m

A great accessory to extend the cable between the power supply (LED Driver) and the parasol.


Deep Cycle Lead-acid Batteries

Weight  /  V/AH  /  Size
10 kg  /  12V 33AH  /  196 x 132 x 178 cm
21 kg  /  12V 65AH  /  350 x 166 x 174 cm
29 kg  /  12V 100AH  /  330 x 173 x 216 cm
44 kg  /  12V 150AH  /  484 x 170 x 241 cm

These 12V lead-acid batteries ranging from 35AH to 150AH supply electrical power to NI Parasol in the event of a power outage. No matter it is a full day wedding celebration or an outdoor commercial event, these standby batteries allow you to take NI everywhere.*

*Only available to certain dealers.


Service Light Bulb - Ball Style

Situated at the top of the canopy, this bulb comes along with the parasol, which is also known as the call-for-service light.


Service Light Bulb - Candle Style

Optional shape that adds an elegant touch to your parasol.


Parasol Protection Cover

Small:  NI180S and NI200

Large:  NI300, NI350 and NI300S

When not in use, the tarpaulin cover provides protection for the parasol that is folded away for storage. Featuring water-resistant taped seams and air filter wrap that drives the moist air out.