Synthetic Turf (Esmond Turf by Boulevard)


This new system does not require an infill, because it is cushioned with a layer of curly fiber mesh and the turf filament has a high density. It also features three backing layers which makes it ideal for garden, landscape and leisure areas. Sloped or vertical turf application is also possible due to no loose infills.


- As it is made out of bundled multi - colored monofilament fibres. The turf strongly resembles real grass and feels like it too.


- The turf uses a material called polyethylene, a non-toxic synthetic material even when burnt. A safer choice to turfs made out of nylon or polypropylene.


- Flexile fibre resistant over wearing and strong tension means that the turf is more sturdier even after extended or strenuous use.


- UV protected for a long lasting quality. Turfs maintains its shine for longer time than normal turfs.


  • Model : 35 Zoysia A6 series
  • Part No. : A6-35AT128-180
  • Application : Landscape/Garden
  • Pile Height : 35mm
  • Stitch Rate :  18900/sqm
  • Yarn & Dtex : 13 000, 4 colors,
  • UV-resistant
  • Tuft Gauge : 3/8 inch
  • Backing : Consists of three layers : PP Woven Cloth (Primary), UV resistant PP (Secondary), Latex/Rubber (Coating).


A close up look

This system also sports a wide range of usability, affordability and durability at a low maintenance cost. As such, this makes Esmond-Turf an ideal provider for turf systems anywhere.

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