Boulevard Brand Ambassador

Boulevard presents Adrian Pang

Given his outgoing personality and great acceptance to open-mindedness, Adrian Pang is one of the most notable theatre veteran actors in the UK and in the local scene. He is serious in the portrayal of his art and works but he can also be humorous and light-hearted to converse with.
As a father, actor and artistic director, Adrian Pang plays many roles in his life. But when he is allowed free time in his days, he is noted as a devoted parent to his two boys, Zack and Xander. Besides, he is also a loving husband who practices mutual respect and understanding to his Wife, Tracie. They work alongside each other in their drama company, PANGDEMONiUM!,  of 2 years, creating great exposures to the local theatre scene. His recent works include Spring Awakening and Swimming with Sharks.
With great pride, D’Galleria presenting Boulevard Outdoor Inspirations took the honor to receive Adrian Pang as our recognized ambassador, providing opportunity for venture and collaboration.


A Day at the Photoshoot with Adrian Pang
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