Design & Details


Highlighted by the proprietary finger-sensing OTD (One-touch Dimmer) that allows simple and flexible brightness control of the 3-channel lighting system, NI also features a low-voltage 12V LED driver functioning as an energy-efficient power supply. Unique in its category, NI plays a role in enhancing the public environment from morning to night.


NI Parasol is ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.


The 3-channel lighting system consists of:
- 2,424 built-in 0.1W LEDs
- 1 up-light tube and 2 down-light tubes

At the top of the shade, there is also a call-for-service light installed for customers.



The OTD (one-touch dimmer) is a proprietary-designed finger-sensing touch panel that allows you to control the ribs lighting, making it extremely easy to dim and brighten the 3-channel lighting system. NI uses a low-voltage 12V LED driver to power a system with over 2000 pieces of 0.1W LEDs but generates very little heat.



- Exhibition Mode (AA CBC AB ABC ACA)

When you enter the securitycode, the dimmable 3-channel lighting system will preform a “light dance”. Not only a perfect tool for restaurants to welcome their guests or as a party opening show, but also an add-value feature to make use of during setting up of an exhibition.

- Panel Lock (AA BB CC BB A) 

The panel lock function is to allow commercial users to centrally control multiple parasols with remote instead of the OTD. This can ensure simple and effective operation in resorts and other luxury locations.



NI Parasol uses AC power for its innovative LED lighting system. The parasol comes with a 6-meter long rubber cable but you can also use optional extension cord (sold separately) to install at your desired location. The NI LED driver AC is 110-230 V.



There are 2 size options for the NI Parasol: 3.0 meters and 3.5 meters. 
• 3.0 meters: Aluminium hubs
• 3.5 meters: Wooden hubs (teak wood)

For size details please CLICK HERE.



The installation for the NI Parasol is just as easy as a normal parasol. NI's pole diameter is 48 mm and you can simply put it on any parasol base you have at present.

Boulevard's friendly consultant will run through the installation process with you in brief so that you know what to expect on the day of delivery but the actual assembly and installation will be carried out by our specialist technician.

And of course, each purchase of the NI parasol comes complete with a product manual. Information overload? We also have a visual operation guide for you in a video snippet. CLICK HERE to watch the operation video.