Groom Your Outdoors !

Furnishing your outdoors? Having trouble identifying the appropriate furniture for your outdoor space? Fret no more! Here are few tips as to guide you through your outdoor furniture purchase process.


    1. What are you using your personal Outdoor Space for?


      Before you furnish your personal Outdoor space, it is extremely crucial to identify its purpose. There are various reasons to how an individual might be utilizing the space. Hence once you know what you intend to be using it for and how often you will be using it, the hassle is immediately lifted off of your shoulders.

      • Regularly engaging with guests
      • Yoga/Dance/Exercise Routines
      • Relaxation Spot
      • Work Area


        Different purposes require different furnishings. For example a Relaxation spot’s core concentration would be comfort, whereas a space that is going to be utilized for yoga or exercise regimes do not require comfortable lounge sets like how the relaxation spot would need.


        2. Choosing the right Material for your Outdoor furniture


        Over consecutive years, the demand for high durability along with comfort for Outdoor Furniture has been constantly arising. The solution to this would be the relatively new addition to the fabric family; the marvellous acrylic fabric. The Acrylic fabric easily prevents weather and chemical ruins. No rain is going to keep your furniture from looking its best as acrylic fabric are very breathable, thus the allowing the furniture to dry at a much quicker rate compared to any other fabrics. Thus it allows your outdoor furniture to look evergreen always.


        3. Furniture Styles


        Gone are the days where you furnish your personal outdoor space with just a single piece of furniture. It is now the trend that you go for the complete set. What’s a typical complete set you may ask, that would comprise of:

        • Table
        • 4-6 chairs
        • Cushions
        • Miniature Swing


          Not every set comes with a specific set of arrangement, you can always go bonanza on how or where you would want your furniture to be placed. And yes the bigger the perimeter the more fun you’re going to have in decorating and redecorating your outdoor space! Did we mention on how even the placement of your chairs determine how well your guests will engage with you during conversations? Well now you know how boring it can get if it’s a singular furniture.


            4. Suitable Colour Palette for your Outdoor furnishings


            It's a common tendency to think that colours for indoors and outdoors are varied very differently. However that is not the case, even for outdoors there are a wide range of colours to be selected from. The reason why there is an abundance of warm earthly colours such as; Ivory, sandstones, bronzes and shades of green is because people like to add on to the positive and calming outdoor vibe. However don’t feel shy to go for vibrant and bold colours too!


            Follow these tips and be able to identify the perfect furnishing for your personal outdoor haven!