How to care for your outdoor furniture

Outdoor Rugs


No matter how meticulous and careful you are, you can never guarantee that your guests are as careful. So what happens when you have a nasty spill? Whatever the drinks are, we have good news for you! Most rugs are now made of polypropylene.

This means that they are stain-resistant and with that, you can simply:

    • Use a host to spray it clean.

    When the rugs becomes dusty over time, simply:

      • Grab a vacuum cleaner and have those unsightly dirt sucked out.
      • And flip your rug to the underside when you’re done vacuuming the top.



    Synthetic Wicker  


    For regular cleaning, simply

      • Use a brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner and do a light brushing.
      • Brush along the direction of the weave to avoid accidental damage to the individual woven strands.


      To remove debris,

        • Grab an old toothbrush with soft bristles or small paintbrush and simply brush out the dirt.


      Got a stain or needs some polishing?

        • Damp a cloth with some soap and water solution. Give your furniture a light swipe and your furniture should be good as new!


      As wicker furniture can dry out and fade over time due to the heat from the sun, to retain its moisture, use your garden hose for a light refreshing up!





      Cleaning teak wood is relatively easy. All you would need to do is unwind your hose and have it sprayed. 

      However, as teak wood are naturally oily, treatment for staying outdoors would need some attention. What you need to do is:


        • Apply some teak oil to your favorite furniture regularly to maintain its appearance and by doing so will also help to prevent stains from staying.
        • Avoid covering your teak furniture as this will allow moisture to be trapped in between and this will  encourage the growth of molds.

        However, if it’s too late now and there are molds on your furniture,


          • Use Clorox bleach mixed with water to remove it. You should allow the mixture to soak on the furniture for 20 minutes or so then spray it off with water. Then you simply just let it dry in the sun.



        Outdoor Fabrics 


        Although the products are resistant to all kinds of weather, that doesn't mean that it requires zero maintenance!

        However, with proper care, your patio umbrella or cushion will continue to have its lush colour and quality for years. Here are some tips to follow:


          • Never leave your outdoor cushions or patio umbrella out when expecting a long downpour. If the fabric is soaked with water, it'll definitely take longer to dry!
          • Take your patio cushion or umbrellas indoors when you’re expecting rain.


        If your cushion has been left out in the rain and is soaked,

          • Wipe it down with a towel, remove it from its chair, and hang it from a railing or clothesline to dry.


        Most outdoor fabrics are mildew resistant; however, mildew will grow on dirt and oil.

          • Keep your fabrics clean by using a solution of household washing detergent or liquid soap and warm water to clean away dirt and dust. Spray it with garden hose to wash off the soap and finally let it air out to dry. That easy!
          • Keep suntanning oil off the any fabric. Suntan oil are known to stain outdoor fabrics like the patio cushions.


        If stained with suntan oil,

          • Remove by using a commercial spot remover. Follow the instructions on the bottle.

        If your patio umbrella gets soaked,

          • Simply close it, wipe down with a towel, and let it air dry. Open the umbrella up again to dry for best results.


        Try to put your patio umbrella or patio cushion away when not in use. Storing your outdoor cushion or umbrella will increase the time your fabric stays new and vibrant.