Materials Used by The Boulevard Outdoor Inspirations



Teak is a close grained hardwood with high natural oil content. Teak has almost zero sensitivity to sun, rain, frost, or snow increasing its resistance to rotting. Thus enables Teak to be the most appropriate hardwood to be used for the making of outdoor furniture. Though there may be a rise of teak substitutes there truly can be no replacement for Teak. Simply because no other hardwood is able to withstand the demands of various seasons as well as Teak is able to. Boulevard Outdoor Furniture only uses the premium grade plantation grown teak as the consistency in its structure is high and there are no knots, splits or cracks. Thus all teak furniture’s highlight would be its natural smooth finish.


  • No Special Maintenance required.
  • Some Surface erosion due to weather conditions may lead to slight surface roughness.
  • Checking is a natural process that occurs when teak develops small cracks however this does not affect its durability.


All Weather Wicker - Viro®

All our wicker furniture is hand woven with Viro® fiber, both premium synthetic Polyethylene fibers. All weather wicker has been constructed in a way that it is able to withstand temperatures differences falling between -25C – 70C. Unlike plastic, this is environmentally friendly hence it can be recycled. We offer 1 year warranty on all over wicker and the weaving for your peace of mind. 


  • Can be cleaned by just using a sponge dipped in soapy water to wipe or simply hose it down with water (no pressure jet) 
  • Strictly no use of scouring agents and solvents


Batyline® is manufactured by Ferrari which is a French company. It is commonly utilized in the making of premium outdoor furniture. Batyline® is well known for its durability and high quality material which contains polyester fiber which is coated with PVC making it almost unable to be torn. Rot and mildew have no effects on the material as it is 100% synthetic. Not forgetting that it is also able to withstand UV radiation and fading. Batyline® is durable through temperature extremes such as -30C -70C, which is why it is an apt material to be used within the vicinity of swimming pools or other environments with the presence of chlorine or salt water. This material is able to stretch only up to 3% and thus it automatically decreases the fear of Sagging. Under sunlight Batyline® is able to recover its shape with the help of its “memory”


  • Can be cleaned by just using a sponge dipped in soapy water to wipe due to its extremely low sensitivity to staining.
  • Strictly no use of scouring agents and solvents
  • The fabrics dry over the shortest period possible and still stay cool even while under sunshine
  • Batyline® thread comes with an anti-fungal treatment.


Sunproof® Outdoor Fabric 

Sunproof®, the trademark established as the premium quality fabric specially designed and weaved to perfectly dress your outdoor furniture, Sunproof® Outdoor Fabric has dedicated years for research development to test for the highest level of reliability, strong colour fastness and safety. There is no limit to the selection of designs, the colours are carefully picked and astounding colour combinations are constantly formed, catering to everybody’s preferences.