Outdoor is the new indoor!

Despite the unbearable hot and humid climate, outdoor furnishing is on demand.

It’s not just the summer heat that’s driving the bounty of new outdoor designs — it’s the avidity. While everyone’s doing it, what’s stopping you? Outdoor furniture trends have kept pace with the trend for making better use of outdoor spaces. Now more than ever outside space is treated as another living area despite the over sunny and dry climate. More than often, we spend and invest so much time indoors, we forget that we can be outdoors in our own home relaxing and bonding with our loved ones. With the rising trend, comes the rising market.

The recognition of the trend is on demand which makes designers more creative than they thought they could be. Quirky yet sensible, simple but stylish designs make outdoor living fun. To cater to your needs and wants, Boulevard came up with outdoor inspirations to help put your ideas into a dream come true. Look through our catalogue for your desired furnishing style!

Look at some people catching on to the trend from all over the world and here!

Rooftop fully utilized with Cabana lounge area and formal dining