Synthetic vs. Natural Rattan

What’s the difference anyway?

Rattan is a popular material for outdoor furniture due to its unique aesthetic appeal, ease of maintenance and high level of comfort it offers. It is available in a wealth of styles and designs and can be made either from natural or synthetic rattan. They look almost identical; however, there are a few important differences between the two materials.


Here’s a simple breakdown for you to differentiate between the two options.







 Aesthetic Appeal




No difference


Weather proof

(last longer)

Not weather proof

(durability is sustainable if well taken care of)

Natural color will fade as time goes by

 Maintenance and Care

Occasional cleaning

Periodic treatment with protective lacquer


Mostly cheaper than natural rattans but it also depends on the quality of the synthetic used

More costly than synthetic but subject to the quality of the synthetic used

 Resistance to outdoor elements

Strong resistant to all types of weather conditions

More vulnerable due to the effects of moisture. If soaked or damp, natural rattan may encourage the growth of mold

Synthetic rattan allows production to come up with different shades and colors whereas the natural rattan stays original.







As you can see, Synthetic Wicker boasts a wider range of creative designs, longer outdoor life and lesser maintenance. This means that wicker products sold in Boulevard still have the feel and looks of natural rattan but lesser the hassle!