Teak wood and all you need to know about it!

Solid teak furniture from Boulevard

Ever wondered what makes teak outdoor furniture so appealing and preferable when shopping with Boulevard?

Well, here’s all you need to know about the wonders of teak furniture.

First of all, you’ve probably already heard of or seen teak wood and furniture being used in an advertisement. And accompanying teak wood would be the usual costly price tag.

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Why you may ask?

This is because teak is prized for its elegant look but also its amazing durability! (Especially in outdoor furniture!) It also possesses some natural properties that other kinds of wood lack.

One of these properties would be its ability to retain its astounding natural oils and rubber locked within the tight grain of the wood. All woods contain such oils that serve to protect the tree but teak is the only kind that is known to maintain these oils and rubber even after being felled and processed!

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Because of this unique feature, teak is naturally more weather-resistant than just about any other kind of wood. (When specially dried to about 10 percent of its original content, the oils and rubber even provide waterproofing to the wood!)

Another important thing the oils do is that it protects the wood from dry rot, which is a common problem faced by people who own older wooden furniture. On top of that, its wards off intruders like fungi or parasites that can destroy other types of wood. Usually, one protects their wooden furniture through applications of weatherproof oils and treatments; not so much with teak!

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If you didn’t know, teak also changes colour as it weathers over time. It goes from a honey brown colour to a surprising silvery gray. This makes up for the trouble having to change the colour of your furniture!

From these factors that make teak wood durable, you can see why owners of teak furniture have purchases that have lasted years, with minimal maintenance needed if it wasn’t damaged. That is why the investment of buying teak furniture can offset the costs of replacing furniture made from a different material.

But if that gray isn’t to your liking, simply apply coating of teak oil to prevent the colour change from happening. Doing this once bimonthly would serve to protect your furniture longer and maintain that lovely golden brown colour!

As such, for all those keen on getting wooden furniture for your outdoor area, teak is the way to go! And what better way to start it by getting some of Boulevard’s furniture with solid teak features?

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