What's a Gazebo?

 Gazebos are also quite popular in backyards outdoor spaces. With not much of a bite onto your investments, a gazebo can easily revolutionize the look of any outdoor living space. The day you dig in to that scrumptious first dinner outdoors in the comfort of your very own Gazebo, you will be glad that chose to make such a small yet wise investment! Let’s take a trip back to the yesteryears. Gazebos aren’t something that is awfully new to the outdoor furnishing. Moreover Gazebos are one of the earliest forms of outdoor shelter, even before tents were invented. It is an excellent and sophisticated patio fixture for thousands of years transcending various cultures. Different cultures though had different way of designing their Gazebos, some used fabric, some used wood, and as you look back further gazebos have even be made by stone.

With the aid of modern advancement, there are many different versions of gazebos available. Contemporary styles facilitate in the customizing the gazebos to the homeowners’ desire. However it has been noticed that many owners pick stainless steel when it comes to requesting materials for their gazebos. Now there’s the difference in size as well. The smaller gazebos they are more deemed fit for a single person’s use to get some time away from reality and indulge in the night skies. There are larger gazebos which be it rain or shine is a home away from home for the entire family to bond and share stories.

The Boulevard is proud to present you its very own designer gazebo manufactured with sturdy aluminium frames that produce a simple look but at the same time maintains an air of sophistication. It also comes with mosquito net, Installed on 4 concrete bases that weigh 20kg each. So be it rain or shine whatever you have planned for your family outdoor will definitely be an operation success. All side curtains are made of 100% solution-dyed polyester keeping those harmful uv rays and rain showers far away from you. And because polyester is so breathable never have the worry of feeling stuffy and sticky through the humid days.