• Description


    This product utilizes all of the attractants to the harmful insects like UVA light, CO2 and mild heat to draw them away from you and your loved ones! What’s more is that it comes with a water tray to attract egg-laying female mosquitoes.

    This G1 mozzie magnet is safe as it’s odorless and smokeless, perfect to be around children or pets!



    - Quick and easy plug-in

    - Easy operation

    - Weatherproof (Indoor & Outdoor is fine!)

    - Low power consumption

    - No chemicals, poisons or pesticides used!

    - Funnel design to trap and dehydrate mosquitoes.

    - Wall mount bracket

    - Emits carbon dioxide and mild heat to lure mosquitoes and flying insects.

    - 1 year warranty

    - Repels up to 3000 sq feet

    Recommended For


    - Gardens

    - Offices