Compact and portable like V7 but is also outdoor-worthy as it features weatherproof technology! Sporting a simple lantern design, V8′s mozzie magnet is just right for any outdoor home.

V8′s mozzie magnet is also safe as it’s odorless and smokeless, perfect to be around children or pets!

Some features include:

- Night sensor mode – Auto on/off function

- Easy operation

- Weatherproof (Indoor & Outdoor is fine!)

- Low power consumption

- No chemicals, poisons or pesticides used!

- Funnel design to trap and dehydrate mosquitoes.

- Wall mount bracket

- Emits carbon dioxide and mild heat to lure mosquitoes and flying insects.

- 1 year warranty

- Repels up to 1000 sq feet

Recommended for:

- Gardens

- Offices

- Schools

- Parks


For sold out items, the company might need 8-12 weeks lead time for the new stocks arrival.

Categories: Outdoor Accessories

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