Residential Projects | Cabanas

Boulevard Cabanas come in a standard size of 2.5x2m. Our Cabana is a free-standing structure that does not require to be attached or drilled into any part of the building to stand. The Cabana has one entrance and comes with flooring, benches, side curtains and even a loop top curtain that is retractable. On top of the retractable top curtain is a clear polycarbonate. The flooring and the benches are also stand-alone pieces that can be removed if our clients prefer to place other outdoor furniture inside the Cabana. 

Roof Top Patio at Seletar Hills 

Cushions are customised to Lime Green to compliment the synthetic turf and greeneries in the ambience and the Cabana flooring is removed as the client has already done a beautiful decking. 

 2 Cabanas Installed for Roof Top Terrace at Montana Condominium


You may also place two Cabanas side by side to create a bigger space. With such layout, this client was able to create a shelter that is 5m long and 2m wide.

Roof Top Patio of a Cluster House, beautifully furnished with Cabana and Seychelles Lounge Set