Pest-Stop® G1 Outdoor Photocatalyst Mozzie Magnet


Pest-Stop® professional G1 Photocatalyst Mozzie Magnet uses all of the proven mosquito attractants such as UVA light, CO2 and hear to draw the annoying and harmful insects away from your loved ones plus it comes with a water tray that collects rain water and attracts egg-laying female mosquitoes. Now you can eliminate mosquitoes and control deadly viral diseases carried by mosquitoes and other flying insects, without using harmful insecticides or chemicals. Best of all, it is weather proof and is able to use both indoor or outdoor and comes with a 3 feet pole stand, but can also be hung or wall mounted.

The G1 Photocatalyst Mozzie Magnet is smokeless, odorless and is safe for use around human and pets. Now, protect your family from disease carrying mosquitoes with the G1 Photocatalyst Mozzie Magnet – A Scientifically proven mosquito control solution!



  • Just plug-in
  • Easy to operate
  • Weatherproof technology – can be use indoor and outdoor
  • Night sensor mode – auto on/auto off
  • Uses photocatalyst technology
  • Safe for human and pets
  • Low power consumption of 15 watts
  • No odor, no smoke, no poisons, no chemicals, no mess!
  • Emits carbon dioxide and mild heat to lure mosquitoes and flying insects
  • Funnel designed to prevent insects from escaping
  • Wall mount bracket


How It Works:

All the great features, now with the attracting power of H2O

The Pest-Stop® G1 photocatalyst Mozzie magnet now includes a water tray that collects rain water and attracts egg-laying insects like mosquitos. When insects get close enough to try to lay their eggs, the powerful (yet quiet) fan draws them into the cage where they dehydrate and die.

The trap emits odorless carbon dioxide, light, and collects rain water to lure mosquitoes. Carbon dioxide is generated when ultraviolet rays from the UV bulbs react with a titanium dioxide coating inside the trap. Unlike propane systems that require frequent refills or electrocution traps that release pathogens when an insect is killed, this superior model uses 3,000-hour rated UV bulbs and does not create biological agents.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions - Dia13.5 x H44 In
  • Weight - 15 Lbs
  • Length of Cord - 7 Ft
  • Coverage Area - 3,000 Sq Ft


Recommended Area:

  • Garden / Office Surroundings